10 Great Places to Sell Your Stuff Online

10 Great Places to Sell Your Stuff Online

Selling your old or unwanted stuff online can be fun. However, it can also be a great way for you to start your very own eCommerce business. Various websites give you the opportunity to sell your stuff to millions and millions of people who use the internet. Below is a list of the top ten websites where you can sell your products and earn a profit.


The number one website on this list is a website that probably everyone in the world has heard of if not used. Visited by millions of people daily, eBay is the perfect place to auction some of your unwanted products. With the right attitude and technique, this eCommerce giant can be your gateway to online business success. Although you can sell virtually anything on eBay, you will find more luck selling rare items on the site. Some of the items that you can sell on eBay are vintage electronics, collectibles, and rare action figures and toys. Read more Online eCommerce Solutions.


Another website that has acquired international acclaim for being one of the most visited websites is Amazon. This juggernaut of an eCommerce website is known around the world for its ease of use and reputation. One of the best things about this site is that you can sell old and brand new products. Also, new and used products are put in the same cluster. The only drawback about this website is that it eats up a substantial chunk of your profit whenever you make a sale.


If you are interested in selling fashion accessories and clothes, thread flip is the website for you. This website has a large community of users and is easy to use. The only disappointment with this website is that it does not accept products from everyone. Therefore, there are certain clothes and accessories you cannot sell on this site.


Craigslist is a one-stop shop for goods and services. This classified ad website is another great place for you to sell your products. Using this website you can sell anything from large furniture pieces to services. Also, you can post apartments and rental rooms.

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One of the best places to sell a used Smartphone or tablet is Swappa. This website has a huge database of buyers and sellers. Also, posting items on the website is super easy and so is processing payments. To be a seller you have to be verified by Swappa. The site handles dispute resolution making it easier for both buyers and sellers.


Etsy is one of the best places to sell your custom made products or art. This website allows you to set up your online store and start selling your handcrafted products. In addition to handmade products, this website is also ideal for selling retro and collectible items. Currently, Etsy has over 20.8 million active buyers. Also, Etsy’s fees are significantly lower compared to those of other sites. While Etsy charges 3.5 percent per sale, Amazon charges 10% per sale depending on the product.

 99 Designs

As its name suggests, 99 Designs was a website created for logo designers. With this website, you can start your online store for selling custom logos. Depending on what clients want you can design logos for brochures, cups, t-shirts and much more. 99 designs takes a unique approach to online trade. In this respect, clients submit requests for logos and it is up to you as a designer to compete for the requests. If your work is of high-quality, you will have a higher chance of being selected.

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Since eBay acquired international fame as one of the best places to sell used stuff, there have been many attempts to replicate its attempt. One of these attempts led to the creation of Bonanza, a great eBay alternative. This website offers an endless list of opportunities for sellers. With this website, you can sell your own handcrafted merchandise as well as unique items. One of the best things about this website is that it also offers free listings, making it one of the best eBay alternatives out there.


Another great and cheap alternative to eBay is ebid. This website uses the same auction listing system used on eBay. Unlike another online site, ebid does not charge listing fees and charges a flat 3% commission on all sales. Thus, it is a great platform if you are looking for a website with low-risk options. Though it is cheaper than eBay, it is not as trafficked as its competitor.

Car Daddy

Car daddy is a niche specific website, meaning that it caters to vehicle sellers. Nevertheless, it is a great place to sell second-hand vehicles and vehicle parts. Apart from vehicles, you can also sell boats, motorcycles, and RVs on this website. Classic cars and snowmobiles can also be sold on this website. Listing a product on this site for sale is easy and straightforward. Marketing in ecommerce

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