How to Sell Your Products on Kijiji

How to Sell Your Products on Kijiji

Kijiji can best be described as an online garage sale where you can sell virtually anything from merchandise to services. This website is similar to Craigslist in that to sell stuff you have to post ads. Thus, on this site all, you need to do is post ads for products or services you are offering. Sounds simple enough, right? Well not exactly, as with any other competitive marketplace, not everyone can build a successful seller account. The few that have succeeded in using the website to their benefit know a thing or two about selling products online.

To start making money on Kijiji, you have to create an account using a username and password. To become a successful seller on Kijiji, there are some things you should know.

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Use great photos

As with any other online marketplace, photos are essential to the success of your Kijiji account. One of the major mistakes made by beginner Kijiji users is not posting an ad without a photo. Thus, if you want to become a successful seller on this site, you have to take great photos of your products. When taking pictures of your products, it is recommended to use a contrasting backdrop to make the product standout.

Secondly, it is wise to take photos of your product from different angles. Also, it is always a good idea to use editing software to improve the quality of your photos. Lastly, ensure that the descriptive features of your product are well highlighted on the photo. Some of the descriptive photos that you need to highlight include tags, labels, etc. Kijiji allows you to post up to 8 photos of your product. Ordinarily, the first picture is the feature photo and needs to be of a high quality.

Use a great title

While great photos attract customers, a great title will keep them interested enough to make them want to buy whatever it is you are selling. Therefore, you should use a short, descriptive and enticing title for your product. The title ought to have appealing adjectives such as beautiful, posh, chic, etc. The title of your product will help a buyer know why your product is better than what is being sold by your competitors. On the title do not include too much information and let the name of whatever you are selling be at the beginning of the title. In essence, the title should be nice and concise.

Do your homework

One of the things that make buyers shy away from your Kijiji ads is the price you place on them. To put a reasonable price, do some research before posting your ad. Find out how much the product you want to sell goes for in other online marketplaces such as eBay. Also, find out whether the product you want to sell or products are in demand in other marketplaces. EBay can be a perfect place to evaluate how many people are interested in your product. Based on the information you gather from other online marketplaces you will be able to set a reasonable price for your products.

Include a lot of details

As already stated the title of your product should be short and concise. Thus, the bulk of the information about your product should be found in the description. On the description part, be as detailed as possible. A common mistake that most Kijiji users make is using vague descriptions. Include the dimensions, color, and scents, where applicable, of your product. Also, indicate your location so that buyers may know how close you are to them. Additionally, it is important to mention whether you offer delivery or not. Read more how to set up an ecommerce site

Be fast in response

When a buyer finds an ad, they are interested in the next step will be to contact the poster of the ad. Thus, it is important to post accurate contact information. Of more importance is to respond to all inquiries on time. A buyer will lose interest in your product or service if you take too long to respond to their inquiries.

Price your products accordingly

Though it is wise to check the price of the product you want to sell on other marketplaces, it is also important to price your products wisely. In this regard, you have to take note of the fact that some buyers will want to negotiate the price. Since Kijiji is like a garage sale, expect buyers to behave in the same way as in an actual garage sale. Thus, while not every client you get will want to negotiate the price, most buyers negotiate prices before buying. Therefore, be ready to negotiate and price your products accordingly.

Keep re-posting your products

When you post an item on Kijiji, it will be featured on the first page. However, as more people post ads similar to yours, it will be pushed to the second page, the third page and so on. And since Kijiji is a free website you can expect thousands of ads similar to yours. To ensure that your ad is not pushed down, keep reposting since buyers are more likely to purchase products appearing on the first page.

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